Project Runway Card – Looking Back

Making cards is so much fun!  I made 7 others this week, but totally forgot to take pictures before giving them away.  Oops!

Here’s a card I remembered to take a picture of.  It’s a 7-year anniversary card for a couple of great people who are so cute together.  Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Joe!

These guys are very conscientious, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate the recycled bubble wrap and electrical tape heart.


Notice the SEVEN dots?  ; )

I’m making a series of cards based on this week’s Project Runway episode: The Lexus Challenge.  The designers were paired up and each had a Lexus (the color of which had to be incorporated into the outfit) that brought them to their client (a former Project Runway designer).  The Bartley’s Anniversary card was inspired by the gray Lexus with April as the client.

I’m entering this card in these challenges:


A Blog Named Hero

CASE Study

Thanks for stopping by!



Oh hey!  This card made top three!  Thanks Lessology!



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Interactive Baby Cards

I used a couple of square carpet samples that fit the Dynamic Duo Monochromatic Color Challenge color scheme to make this card:




It was so soft and sweet, I thought it would be nice to turn it into a card for a baby.  I like the idea of a card that a one year old can touch and interact with a bit for both him and his mom, Beth, to enjoy.  I’m sure Ethan would love to walk all over a whole house covered with this carpet all day!

I made another with the opposite pieces and it struck me as a little more feminine, for a baby girl.  I think it fits the Baby Shower Runway Inspired Baby Girl Challenge, so I’m sending it that way.  I loved thinking about my sweet little first cousin once removed while making this card.  Love you “M”!






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Sew Grateful For Neighbors-Card



Cutesy card with trees using a Papersmooches digi stamp and paper buttons.

Entered in these challenges (come play along!):

Display our button

Paper Smooches:

CAS-ual Fridays:

Young Crafters Unite:


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Project Runway Season 10-Candy Card



I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to paint with chocolate, but it happened!

I had the latest Project Runway (where the challenge was to make an outfit using candy) on my mind when I passed the candy rack at a convenience store today, and I decided to make a card based on the same challenge.  The cardboard card is painted with hershey’s chocolate melted in the microwave for about 20 seconds (it was like painting with glaze, but didn’t harden as fast and the brush was way easier to clean afterwards).  The nonpareils around the edge were easier than I thought to saw in half with a steak knife, but it was still hard to get a perfectly clean cut.  “Joy” was written with a couple of pieces of Twizzler pull and peel.

Since a melty chocolate card would probably be more annoying than fun to get in the mail, I decided to make this card for myself.  I didn’t think about how my name in bright red and white candy would quickly translate “Christmas”.  Ah well.   I just went with it and added some loose sprinkles to kind of look like falling/accumulated snowflakes.  If I were to do it again, I’d use teal candy melt for the chocolate paint to complement the red pull and peel and make it look less Christmas-y.

If you want to play along and make something out of candy based on Project Runway’s latest episode, I’d really love to see it.  Send me a pic and I’ll add it to the post!


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Indie Card


I’m very thankful for Dr. Doneski, the amazing program director of the Gordon Graduate Music Education program.  I’m learning so much!

The card is based on a music education pun.  A big movement in music education is developing the ear (teaching by rote) before reading sheet music.  You’ll always hear Dr. Doneski advocate teaching “rote before note”.

The card says “rote” and “note”.

That’s why it’s funny.


I think human imperfection looks really interesting, so I intentionally did as much as I could on this card by hand–except for cutting the base card (to contrast all the other handcut lines), and punching out music notes.  I used a paint sample card to get just the right poppy color.

Challenges played with:

Stampin’ Sisters in Christ:

CAS-ual Fridays:

Dynamic Duo:



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Runway Inspired Challenge #16

Jen and the team’s latest Runway Inspired Challenge!

A lot of literal ideas from the outfit were incorporated in the card, such as the colors (brighter in real life!) and very geometric patterns.  The partially filled in letters allude to the partically covered shoes.  The thing I think is most interesting about the outfit is that there is a lot going on, giving it a very 3 dimensional feel, but the enitre outfit, even the accessories, are perfectly 2 dimensional.  I decided that on the card I would follow suit and create illusions of layers, but stay strickly 2 dimensional.  Except for the deliberately untexutred base, there are NO LAYERS AT ALL–only ink.  It was definitely scary at times knowing if a mistake it couldn’t later be covered up!

I used materials I had on hand–Studio G and Sharpie.

My awesome dad made the pottery, and the air plant is from here. : )

Can’t wait to give this card to my friend Kelly, she rocks!



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Upcycled Thank You Card


This card was made with hand cut hexagons from some Market Basket quick sale produce styrofoam (blueberries, mmm…). The hexagons were “blinged out” with salt, arranged to look like jewels, and glued to a layered assortment of patterned papers.  The sentiment was put on understated textured paper so it wouldn’t detract from the eye candy on top or the peaks of yellow.  The bright yellow is so fun in real life, I wish I had a fancy pants camera to show how much it pops!


The book in the background is the amazing How to Cook Everything by Bittman.  I thought the cherry red accents looked pretty with the aqua blue in the card.  And it was already sitting on the table.  Brian and I use it ALL THE TIME.

The fun challenges that inspired this card:

Color Scheme: The Play Date Cafe

Hero Artist Inspiration (The lovely and talented Lisa Spangler, for her fearless color and pattern combinations): A Blog Named Hero

Use of SALT as BLING: Stampin’ Sisters in Christ

Hooked on Hexagons Challenge in the Moxie Fab World.  You can find that blog here.

These challenges are fun! Play along!

Most importantly, thank you Melissa for all you do!


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