Crocheted Love for Cousin-Babies

I celebrated turning in my final paper for school (yay!) by making a toy and a hat for two beautiful cousin-babies:


The Thomas the Train ball was made with this pattern (16 rows).  I made a blue ball with the 16 row pattern, then made a few rows of the same ball pattern out of gray for the face and embroidered the details and attached two safety eyes.  The ball pattern is from this blogger who mathematically figured out how to crochet perfect spheres.  She’s amazing!  I want to be her friend!



The hat was made with a light weight yard and 3.5 hook using this pattern.  The pattern was found on, which is a super helpful site for finding, saving, altering and sharing patterns.

The flower was crocheted and hand felted–thanks for introducing me to Ravelry and teaching me how to felt, Sarah!

Thanks for stopping by : )


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3 responses to “Crocheted Love for Cousin-Babies

  1. ieatbreakfast

    wow! i’m so happy for you! The hat is beautiful. and the flower is the perfect addition. we should discuss plans for our Community Project next week. I’m off tomorrow (sunday) and monday. gimme a ring!


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