Project Runway Season 10-Candy Card



I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to paint with chocolate, but it happened!

I had the latest Project Runway (where the challenge was to make an outfit using candy) on my mind when I passed the candy rack at a convenience store today, and I decided to make a card based on the same challenge.  The cardboard card is painted with hershey’s chocolate melted in the microwave for about 20 seconds (it was like painting with glaze, but didn’t harden as fast and the brush was way easier to clean afterwards).  The nonpareils around the edge were easier than I thought to saw in half with a steak knife, but it was still hard to get a perfectly clean cut.  “Joy” was written with a couple of pieces of Twizzler pull and peel.

Since a melty chocolate card would probably be more annoying than fun to get in the mail, I decided to make this card for myself.  I didn’t think about how my name in bright red and white candy would quickly translate “Christmas”.  Ah well.   I just went with it and added some loose sprinkles to kind of look like falling/accumulated snowflakes.  If I were to do it again, I’d use teal candy melt for the chocolate paint to complement the red pull and peel and make it look less Christmas-y.

If you want to play along and make something out of candy based on Project Runway’s latest episode, I’d really love to see it.  Send me a pic and I’ll add it to the post!


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2 responses to “Project Runway Season 10-Candy Card

  1. Oh my, Joy, this is so fun! When you said you wanted to play along with Project Runway, I had no idea what you meant! lol. I can tell you that I’ve never seen a card that was painted with chocolate (candy on cards, yes…but chocolate!? That’s new!) I was able to watch PR this afternoon when I got home from school 🙂

    • Glad you got to watch it! I’m already hooked on this season : ). You should try painting with chocolate, it’s really fun to work with. I can imagine you’d make gorgeous cookies with different shades of chocolate!

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