Runway Inspired Challenge #16

Jen and the team’s latest Runway Inspired Challenge!

A lot of literal ideas from the outfit were incorporated in the card, such as the colors (brighter in real life!) and very geometric patterns.  The partially filled in letters allude to the partically covered shoes.  The thing I think is most interesting about the outfit is that there is a lot going on, giving it a very 3 dimensional feel, but the enitre outfit, even the accessories, are perfectly 2 dimensional.  I decided that on the card I would follow suit and create illusions of layers, but stay strickly 2 dimensional.  Except for the deliberately untexutred base, there are NO LAYERS AT ALL–only ink.  It was definitely scary at times knowing if a mistake it couldn’t later be covered up!

I used materials I had on hand–Studio G and Sharpie.

My awesome dad made the pottery, and the air plant is from here. : )

Can’t wait to give this card to my friend Kelly, she rocks!



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7 responses to “Runway Inspired Challenge #16

  1. Love the overlay of inks. Awesome.
    Thanks for joining us at 365cards!
    ~Michelle Looi

  2. Kelly Johnston

    I know a friend of yours named Kelly!! Likey likey! 🙂

  3. What a fun card!! Love the colors and all the texture in just one layer!

  4. Fabulous card! Thanks for joining us at CASE Study!

  5. i went the literal route too, good take on the inspiration!

    Visiting from RIC Challenge
    xo, Kristina
    Come by and visit sometime!

  6. I love all of the squares you incorporated into your design, and the partially filled in letters were a great idea! Thanks for joining us on the Runway!

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