Thank You, Henri Matisse


Dear Matisse,

You wild beast you!  Thanks for your revolutionary use of vivid colors above form.  Even though I spent years devoted to realistic pencil art, your Red Fish compelled me to make this:

"Red Fish"

I feel a bit of comeraderie with you, Henri, because we both were introduced to art becuase our moms bought us art stuff (thanks mom and Matisse’s mom!), and we both began by creating traditional still-life as a foundation for appreciating for free-form.  How true is it that you can better appreciate what something is when you think about what it isn’t?  I don’t think I would have thought about how important it is for a glass of live fish to be sitting on a stable table if you didn’t imagine this rediculously slanted table.  Ironic stability–like an egg shell?



P.S. Red Fish is also the inspiration for my kitchen…but my kitchen is way too messy right now to take a pic…

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